GunPvP Map

GunPvP Map

PvP is one of the most expansive parts of the game in Minecraft. If you love fighting with other players and want to get a cool arena for that, then use the GunPvP map. The author has filled the creation with a variety of features and useful elements to make PvP even more interesting and cooler. Firearms, stores, mini-games and more are available.

Trading System
3 stores with different items
Arena size: 75x75 blocks
4 mini-games: Sumo, Dragon Flying, Parkour and Target Shooting
Observer Mode
Ranking System
Supervisor system (VIP players)
Extensive lobby

Main area
This is where the stores, rules and more are located
GunPvP Map

75 by 75 blocks
This is where the battles will take place

3 stores where you can spend gold

13 equipment types: 10 regular and 3 VIP

4 kinds

Additional Features
Rank, Observer Mode and Amount of Gold

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