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The Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map

Introducing a multiplayer map that will allow players to embark on an exciting new adventure with their friends. The developer has been creating this map for a while, so this map guarantees only an interesting and fun experience. This map players can play from two to eight people. Yes, you can also play single player, but note that it can be a little boring. We also draw your attention to the fact that more than eight players do not support the map, bugs may occur.

The new map is an exciting game with a certain number of levels with different puzzles, interesting and useful loot, as well as hostile and dangerous bosses. In future updates, new levels of the game will be added which will add even more interesting and fun content.

The Dungeon (1)

At the very beginning of the game, players can see all the necessary information and instructions. Please note that players need to customize the instructions so that they can open doors and use other features of the map, namely by switching to the menu and activating the survival mode.

The Dungeon (2)

In order for the player to be able to move to the next level, it is necessary to find and use a special switch.

The player will need to repeat this process at each subsequent level of the game. Below you can see some screenshots of how it will look in the Minecraft world:

The Dungeon (3)

The Dungeon (4)

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