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Loki’s Dungeon Adventure Map

Loki’s Dungeon Adventure Map

A new map that will be interesting to absolutely all players, and in particular adventure lovers. This game allows you to embark on a completely new and exciting journey. Your main mission is to kill all the hostile mobs and all the monsters that you have to meet in Loki Dungeon. Explore new places and fight with different mobs.

The new map consists of a large number of different dungeons. You have to go through mazes, the main dungeons, some hidden dungeons, and simply beautiful locations.

Loki’s Dungeon Adventure Map

For a better experience and a comfortable game, at the beginning of the main base for the player will be located enchanting room, a store with weapons and blacksmith.

In the game, you will see three different main dungeons, the first of which will be the most exciting. The first dungeon has a large number of beautiful structures, and the most important thing is a spiral staircase that has a direction to the top. See the screenshot below:

As previously mentioned, you have to go through the maze. This is a very interesting place that will make your adventure even more fun. See the screenshot below:

Once you manage to completely go through the main dungeons, you will have the opportunity to find the hidden gates to the hidden dungeons. Open the gates to the hidden dungeon by carefully inspecting the main base. The gates will automatically open after the player has passed all the main dungeons.
Loki’s Dungeon Adventure Map

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