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The Dropper Fail Challenge Map

The Dropper Fail Challenge Map

Do you like dropper games? If so, then a new mini-game is what you need to get a new experience and new emotions. As you already know, the dropper is a very interesting and exciting type of game where the player needs to fly a certain distance and get to the very bottom in the center of the map. But we draw your attention to the fact that the new mini-game is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Here at the very bottom, you will find only a few small blocks with water where you need to get, so be careful!

If you miss and do not fall into a block with water, you will die from significant damage. New mini-games droppers have a great height and are designed for the attentiveness and reaction of the players, so use your dexterity and reaction to get into the necessary blocks with water.

In general, the new mini-game consists of eight different droppers. The complexity and difference of this mini-game lie in the fact that players need to get into just one block with water so that they do not die when falling. Please note that with each subsequent level the game will become more and more difficult.
The Dropper Fail Challenge Map

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