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Parkour Of Colors Map

Parkour Of Colors Map

Here is a new fascinating parkour map that is called Parkour of Colors. A feature of this map is its colorful colored blocks that are presented in the form of a path with obstacles. This is a very fun map for those who would like to add parkour rainbows to the Minecraft world. This mini-game will appeal to all fans and amateurs of parkour in the world of Minecraft.

A great opportunity to improve your parkour skills or just get a new experience with colorful blocks. In general, the new mini-game consists of ten exciting levels, each of which has its own design with colored blocks.

Attention: Please note that you don't need to use cheats on this map for a better experience!

Below you can see all the levels that you have to go through:

1. Red:

Level Red

2. Orange:

Level Orange

3. Yellow:

Level Yellow

4. Green:

Level Green

5. Blue:

Level Blue

6. Pink:

Level Pink

7. Brown:

Level Brown

8. White:

Level White

9. Black:

Level Black

10. Rainbow:

Level Rainbow

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