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The Vault Map

The Vault Map

Do you like different challenges like parkour, puzzles, or mazes? If yes, then you will definitely like the new map. This is where you need to use your parkour skills, use your brain, patience, and think well! All this is needed so that you can escape to a special shelter called Vault!

This is an exciting new escape map for players who like adventure and fun dynamic maps. This is one big puzzle where the player will need all his survival skills, as well as find special items and tools that will also lead you to certain places and things.

Your role in this map is as a robber, whose goal is to steal everything of value found inside the shelter, and then escape from there. A very fun and dynamic map where you have to go through mazes, overcome various obstacles using your parkour skills, trade with villagers and traders, and also manage to escape from there before the police arrive.

The Vault (1)

The Vault (2)

The Vault (3)

The Vault (4)

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