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Ken Lucky Block Race Map

Ken Lucky Block Race Map

Do you like different Lucky Block maps? If yes, and you want something new and interesting, then the new Lucky Block Race map is exactly what you need! For those who have not played this game before, we recommend trying to play it, it is a very dynamic, exciting, and very interesting game where every player can try their luck. The main task of each player in this game is to break the Lucky Blocks until you break all of them.

But the main feature of this map is that you do not know what awaits you after each broken block, both lucky and unlucky blocks can await you, each of which gives different game conditions, in simple words, each block gives a certain random surprise.

Here you can play with your friends from two to four players.

If you are played by four players, then each player will have a certain color, since each team in the game has its own color added.

Four players and corresponding four colors:

1. Red;
2. Yellow;
3. Green;
4. Blue.

This is a big enough map where you will definitely have fun with your friends.

Ken Lucky Block Race (1)
Ken Lucky Block Race (2)
Ken Lucky Block Race (3)

Important: For a better experience, we don't recommend using cheats! You also need to use Survival mode.

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