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Challenge Race Map

Challenge Race Map

Would you like to compete with your friends? If you love competition and challenges, then the new Challenge Race map is what you need. This map allows players to play together with their friends overcoming various obstacles. Please note that up to eight players can play here in total. This mini-game consists of five flags, each of which is a point, in other words, one flag is one point, two flags are already two points, everything is simple.

Also, note that each flag in the game has its own respawn bed.

Below you can see what the new map looks like:

Challenge Race (1)

Challenge Race (2)

Challenge Race (3)

Challenge Race (4)

Please note that the first player to reach the flag wins!

More than ten different exciting challenges await you ahead. Be careful and try to come first.

We also want to note that this map does not contain additional textures and mods!

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