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Mini-Plex Games Map

Mini-Plex Games Map

Do you like playing different maps in parkour, adventure, or survival style? If yes, then the new map is exactly what you need! The new map is a whole complex of games of different styles. Here, players can play using their skills in parkour, battle, survival, and so on. In general, the game consists of four different levels. The last level is mysterious and in order to find out what's there, you need to go through the first three.

Also, the fourth level was added as a bonus, here you can play with your friends and the minimum number of players for this will require from four to eight. Let's take a closer look at this map.

The first level is, of course, parkour. Parkour is the best way to focus on the game, and also to use most of your skills, as it requires a reaction, intelligence, and speed. In order for the player to get to the opposite side, he needs to overcome a whole obstacle course. Below you can see how this level will look like in the game:

Mini-Plex Games Map

The second level is climbing the mountain. This is a rather dangerous place as any careless movement and you will fall. But in addition to the path of death, on your way, there will be various hostile mobs that will try in every possible way to prevent you from reaching the top. Below you can see how this level will look like in the game:

The third level is more active since here you need to collect the necessary blocks as quickly as possible and place them in special chests. Each material must be at least 10 pieces. Below you can see how this level will look like in the game:

Well, the fourth level, as mentioned earlier, will remain a mystery. What awaits you and how it looks you will see for yourself.

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