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Lab Experiment Map

Lab Experiment Map

A new very exciting map that can be a good and indispensable experience for every player! This map is called Lab Experiment! The idea of creating this map was borrowed from the famous game Roblox. The essence of the game is that the players stand on certain plates and the last survivor becomes the winner. This is a survival game where players must survive a large number of different disasters. Each certain period of time, different disasters that can kill them will fall on the players.

The main task of the players stays alive. This map will be very interesting to all players, both experienced and beginners. This is a new and useful survival experience, and it is also just a lot of fun. Try your luck! Ahead of you will find a large number of different disasters, can you survive them depends only on you ?!

How to start?

The game starts from the Lobby where players need to stand on a special hatch that teleports everyone to the game zone where your survival begins. This hatch is located before the Parkour game, which is also in the Lobby.

Lab Experiment Map

A very exciting game Parkour in which each player can choose their level from easy to the most difficult! In general, four difficulty levels are available.

Inside the game, there is also a special Repair room. Using this room, players can fix some kind of bug that will occur during the game. In this room, players can also make certain settings for the game. This room allows you to make individual settings for the game, give privacy and access to players.

As already mentioned, the main task of each player is to stay alive in order to win. While players will stand on the plates, different disasters will affect them every second.

In total, 31 different disasters will be available in the survival game. Below we list some of them.

Some disasters:

1. Rain of falling TNT;
2. Lightning;
3. Zombies;
4. Gravity;
5. Rain of sand;
6. Blindness;
7. Rain of Creepers;
8. Teleportation of players;
9. Plates get different effects;
10. Lava;
11. Poison and much more!

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