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Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android

What could be better than the beginning of summer with the new beta version of Minecraft Bedrock. Also, this time, the developers of the beloved game, did a lot of work to improve the already better game, appearing to their dedicated players, they fixed many bugs and errors, and also made some improvements.

Now we will tell you about all the fixes in Minecraft Bedrock, but first, let's quickly get acquainted with several features of the game.

The important fact is that now the player does not have the opportunity to join other players who use the full version of this beta version, the same goes for Realms, the worlds you have previously created in this version will not be available in previous versions, therefore we recommend that you create a backup in advance copy in order to save your progress.

Well, now is the time to get acquainted with the fixes in the game.

As previously mentioned, the developers have done a lot of work and many fixes also apply to the creators of add-ons and maps, but today we will talk with you only about the players and the gameplay.

Download Minecraft for Android

Fixes in MCBE

The first thing we’ll notice is the game performance and fixes:

— Fixed bugs, or rather interruptions that could interfere with the gameplay.
— An error occurred when saving or loading.
— A rare error when downloading from the market any content.
— Solved the problem when the bell was broken by the players.
— Difficulties in entering the game from the device — Xbox Live.
— A very serious problem in which the game stopped working.
— Improved working places and villages.
— Errors when changing the skin or loading.
— Improved AI mobs.

Corrections in the game and graphics:

— Fixed a problem with animals in the world of Minecraft, namely to breed them, with the help of hay bales.
— After the death of a player, he will respawn again in the right place.
— From now on, the player may not re-enter the game in order to respawn.
— Fixed a problem with the graphics of cats that were tamed ocelots.
— Added shimmering effect to all enchanted armor.

UI, scripts and add-ons fixes:

— Solved the problem of registering blocks.
— The requirement of a namespace with a slash for the command of objects and blocks has been resolved.
— Removed the error that influenced the controller when searching the market.
— The crafting grid will no longer clear if the player moves the cursor to another slot that is not in the recipe book.


— Iron Golem now has its own style of walking.
— Proper display of packages on the market.
— The size of the items no longer changes after it has been sold from the market.
— Visible percentage of discounts on items on the market.
— The “New” sign will not be displayed on items on the market.
— After updating the patch notes, you will see their correct display.
— Available skins after restarting the game will be loaded correctly.

Previously, problems with game invitations were discovered, the problem was also successfully solved by the developers in the process of working on bugs.

In order to personally check all these fixes in practice, click the Download button below or watch the video first for a good example of fixes in the current update.

As for the previous versions of the game, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other available novelties of our site, namely add-ons, mods, maps and much more. We wish you a good game!

Download Minecraft for Android

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