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Download Minecraft PE full apk free

Download Minecraft PE full apk free

Updating and improving of Minecraft 1.4 Aquatic Update continues, and today you can download the new version of the mobile application. In this release, the developers have eliminated the bulk of errors, in addition beautiful particles of columns of bubbles appeared in the game world.

What has changed in Minecraft PE

  • Bubble columns received new beautiful textures. Players may turn it on and off in the graphics settings
  • The trident does not break block elements in Creative mode

Fixes in MCPE

  • Generating the world does not cause the game crush
  • Particles appear while diving into the water
  • Tropical fish cause the appearance of particles when diving to the pond
  • The bow is correctly displayed when the bowstring is taut
  • The dolphin can no more pass through the lava block
  • Increased hitbox in fish
  • Enchanted Trident in Fire does not turn red
  • Salmon does not get stuck in motion
  • Zombie residents attack the eggs of turtles
  • Correct display of particles when turtles instill a hare
  • Fixed the movement of the hands of drowned people
  • Mobs are not generated on elements of red stone
  • Correction of textures of other objects

You can download Minecraft PE from the link below and see all the fixes in the new version. Have a good game, friends!

Download Minecraft PE for Аndroid (Original)


Minecraft PE full apk free

Download Minecraft PE full apk free

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