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Download Minecraft PE full apk free

Download Minecraft PE

The new version of Minecraft PE is available for download. It has a lot of everything new, including a turtle. These creatures were presented as an official addition to MCPE 1.4. Download the new beta version of Minecraft for Android, you can follow the link at the end of the description!

The first release of Minecraft 1.4 is only half the large-scale of Aquatic Update. Now the developers are working on creating the second part of the update, and you have the opportunity to play with the first beta version.

What's new in Minecraft PE

The next part of the Aquatic Update is pretty well developed, and there are many innovations. For example, the developers will create turtles in the second part of MCPE 1.4, except for them there will be other mobs and objects:

  • Bubbles
  • Sea turtle (turtle eggs)
  • Tortoise shield
  • Turtle shell
  • The turtle potion

What has changed in MCPE

Changes in the new version is enough. Developers have corrected errors and added new features and features. Main changes:

  • Added background to the main menu
  • Coral block does not disappear in water
  • New textures for kelp
  • Fish with new textures
  • Ability to adjust the field of view, you can change from 70 to 60 by opening the video graphics settings

Bug Fixes in Minecraft

  • Fixed problem with application crash
  • Activation of the piston takes place without departure
  • Sea cucumbers do not create a flight
  • Ender Dragon graphics particles improved
  • Sea mobs move without delay
  • The Power Explorer effect works
  • The trident attacks only one player on a roll
  • A character in the boat takes damage when falling from a high altitude
  • Attack of mobs in the water
  • The correct color of horse armor when changing the world
  • Skeletons can attack the Wither
  • Increased productivity!

You can download Minecraft PE for free by the link below. We recommend you check all updates now. Have a good game!


Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE full apk free

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Hi, guys! Today we’re gonna make an interesting review of Minecraft
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This is a very funny game for me!.

This is a very funny game for me !.
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