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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. This update improves trading with the Wandering Trader and Librarian, makes 8 changes, and fixes 44 bugs.

Trading with Librarian and Wandering Trader
Changed trading with mobs. Details:
- Experimental settings must be activated
- Librarian:
- Can buy the best enchantments in Minecraft
- Enchantments depend on the biome
- The Master level offers one special enchantment
- You need to level up to get better enchantments
- Need to visit Villages in all biomes to get each enchantment
- Added two secret Villages where Villagers do not spawn
- Need to build them yourself
- Removed certain enchantments
- Wandering trader:
- Lowered prices
- More goods
- Increased the number of available goods
- Buys more stuff

Gameplay Changes
Made 4 changes:
- More Diamonds are generated in Deep Slate layers
- Can send messages to creators in In-game market
- Added a command where you can't use unlocked crafting recipes
- Added vibrations
- Ender Eye throw
- Empty Minecart movement on rails
- Fish collection in Bucket
- Item collection from Cauldron
- Dyeing Leather Armor in Cauldron
- Arrow changes in Cauldron
- Water color change in Cauldron
- Mobs wearing a Shield

Version Equality
Made 4 changes to equalize Bedrock with Java. Interesting:
- Villagers do not get professions during sleep
- Changed Shulker Box signals
- Changed Snow and Ice creation
- Fixed Raid health bar disappearance when destroying the Village

Bug Fixes
Fixed 44 bugs:
- Changed sounds
- Strays' fire arrow shots
- Changing of the same Armor items
- Main menu background
- Shield equipping to the left hand
- Third-person view doesn't show through Snow, Soul Sand, and Dirt
- Stonecutter doesn't drop when destroyed by hand
- Pickaxe quickly mines Pistons
- Activating Repeater and Comparator does not affect water flow
- Changed Concrete names
- Improved visibility through underwater fog in Cherry biome
- Long press on items while crafting places items in one slot
- Long press on items while crafting creates 4 items per second
- Updated text during sleep
- PlayersSleepingPercentage parameter shows animation even if value is set to 0
- Night is skipped when non-sleeping players are disabled
- Players do not move through portal during sleep
- Added Vertical Synchronization slider to video settings
- Mobs can hold Pillager Flag only in the main hand
- Fixed Parrot position on player during Boat swimming
- Repeatedly pressing Esc in Realms does not lead to black screen or UI disappearance
- Server does not stop responding when Ghast gets stuck in Lava bubbles
- Fixed crashes when adding items to stack
- Fixed crouching during flight when interacting with blocks
- Fixed interface errors
- Third-person camera shows through Glass, Glass Panels, and Iron Bars
- Fixed server joining
- Fixed command application

Technical Changes
Added 46 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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