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Minecraft PE 1.20.30 for Android [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.20.30 for Android

Developers have released the full version of Minecraft for Android. In this update, they introduced Death Screen, Crawling, Recipe Unlocking, and incorporated all from the test versions.

New Death Screen
Updated the screen after a character's death. Main features:
- Camera zooms out to visualize the cause of death
- Quick access inventory will be displayed
- Items can be toggled
- Screen can be enabled or disabled in the settings

Enhanced the function of passing through a single block. Details:
- Works without experimental settings
- Fixed the camera and operation on servers

Crafting Recipes
Changed the search and unlocking of recipes. Highlights:
Recipe Unlocking
- Unlocking is required to find materials to obtain crafting recipes
- Can be applied to each world separately
- A game rule allows disabling crafting if a character has not unlocked recipes
Recipe Search
- Search will match only the beginning of any word in the item's name
- For example, entering "Sa" will display "SAnd" but not "CapSule"
- Undiscovered recipes are shown in the results

Trading with the Librarian and Wandering Trader
Modified trading with these mobs. Details:
- Need to activate Experimental settings
- You can purchase the best enchantments in Minecraft
- Enchantments depend on the biome
- Master level offers one special enchantment
- Leveling up is required to get better enchantments
- Need to visit Villages in all biomes to obtain each enchantment
- Added two secret Villages where no Villagers spawn
Wandering Trader
- Reduced prices
- More products
- Increased the number of available items
- Buys more items

Version Equality
Implemented 4 changes to equalize Bedrock with Java. Interesting points:
- Changed the breaking speed of 188 blocks
- Moved 31 fixes and changes from beta versions

Changes and Fixes
Implemented changes. Key points:
- The most significant changes have been discussed above
- Increased Diamond generation in Deep Slate layers
- Implemented 136 fixes and changes

Technical Changes
Added 178 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE 1.20.30 for Android [Release]

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