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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update added 11 regular and 9 changes for version equality and fixed 16 bugs.

Sculk Catalyst blooms even when a mob dies without experience
Fixed buttons in Virtual Reality mode
Added support for middle mouse button on iOS
Acoustic sensor:
On simultaneous vibrations responds to the closest vibration
At simultaneous vibrations over distance, responds to highest frequency
Blowing up the Creeper and End Crystal gives a frequency of 15
Throwing Fish out of the Bucket and TNT out of the Dispenser gives a frequency of 12
Changed the design of the switches to distinguish between on and off states
Fishermen sell Boats at maximum trade level

Version Match
Zombies with a 10% chance of breaking the Door on heavy difficulty level
The Wandering Trader's does not spawn in water, lava and underground
Reduced the speed of Tadpoles on land
Polar bears do not run away when taking damage
Piglins stop attacking when the player is wearing Gold Armor
Blocks are placed where the player flies over in Spectator mode
Fixed the invisibility of hands when viewing the Map

Fixed bugs
"Wild Update" music plays in biomes this update
Weeping and Twisted vines break without a support unit
Hanging Mangrove Sprout only drops an item at the last stage of growth
Muddy Mangrove Roots are set on the sides of blocks
Mangrove sprout does not change color when blocks are set side by side
Fixed teleportation from the Nether World to the Overworld
Mangrove leaves and Azalea leaves do not interfere with Seedling growth
The extra health from "Health Boost" does not disappear when you exit Minecraft
Fixed the overview when Sprinting with the "Speed" effect
Zombie inhabitants without a profession can get into the Boat or Wagon
Ravager breaks more plant blocks
Fixed the crash when teleporting and killing a creature at the same time
Optimized creature deaths to speed up the game
Reduced crashes when teleporting from other dimensions to the OverWorld

Technical Changes
Added 18 technical changes for addon development and testing. Added 2 new commands:
/tagsfromtem - shows item tags
/itemswithtag - shows item tags

Minecraft PE for Android

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