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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. In the update, they added the ability to crawl, made 28 changes, 6 improvements for version equality, and 22 fixes.

New feature. Details:
Enabled in settings
Has its own animation
Applied automatically in 1-block high gaps
Speed is the same as Crouching
Character stands up or crouches if exiting a 1-block high gap
Automatically switches to swimming in water and vice versa

Implemented 28 changes. The main ones are:
Smooth Basalt and Polished Deepslate are not replaced by Skulk during generation
Nature sounds change depending on the camera position in Minecraft
Players without rights to interact with storages cannot use the Carved Bookshelf
Changed the Note Block sounds on Soul Soil
Snow and rain display depends on the camera, not the character's position
Added the ability for a large increase in interface elements
Pause menu text does not depend on the platform
Update date of imported worlds depends on the date of addition
Vibrations appear when:
Adding wax to Copper Block
Changing Daylight Sensor
Adding food to Campfire
Adding and removing Music Disk from Jukebox
Turning Dirt into Clay
Collecting Sweet Berries
Installing the End Eye in the End Portal
Bee entering and exiting Hive
Interacting with Composter
Adding and removing a Leash from a Fence or a mob
Sheep's death
Collecting Glowing Berries
Turning Farmland into Dirt
Adding a Spawn Egg to Spawner
Fishes interacting with blocks
Using a Hoe on Rooted Dirt
Using a Shovel on Dirt
Adding a Door
Planting seeds on Farmland

Version Equality
Implemented 6 changes for Bedrock to be equal to Java. Details:
A Shovel is no longer needed to craft a Boat
Planks are needed instead of Sticks to craft a Barrel
Removed the recipe for turning Cobwebs into String
A Zombie Villager drops items after healing
Wild Horses, Donkeys, and Mules follow the player with a Golden Apple or Carrot, as well as Enchanted Apple
Llamas follow the player with Hay

Fixed 22 bugs
Improved working with the on-screen keyboard on Xbox
Changed character model centering while swimming
Changed projectile release and food consumption during flight or crawling
Fixed suffocation when crouching and riding
You can't crouch while riding
Crouching doesn't push the character
Interactions from automatic crouching differ from manual crouching
Smooth Deepslate is replaced by Skulk during world generation
Villagers interact with Torchberry and Pitcher Plant seeds
Fixed Cauldron with water textures
A Shovel breaks Dense Dirt slower
Fixed block placement on Snow Layer and Tall Grass
Fixed block selection and mob shadows when wearing a Pumpkin on Switch
Shield doesn't flash when held in hands with RTX
Fixed screen darkening in sleep
Fixed black spots on Map
Camel jerk sounds don't repeat endlessly
Jump Boost works on Magma Cubes
Inventory doesn't lock after automatic setup
Items thrown out of storage fall to the center of the block
Added vibrations when changing the item in the Item Frame
The charge of the Respawn Anchor emits vibrations

Technical changes
Added 38 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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