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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released the first beta for Minecraft 1.18. In the update Minecraft on Android changed the mode "Caves and Cliffs", updated the generation of the world, corrected 23 bugs and made 7 technical changes.

Caves and Cliffs.

You no longer need to turn on the Caves and Cliffs slider.
Mode works automatically
A copy of the world is not created by default
The experimental "Create Custom Biomes" setting does not work yet in this version
Large trees grow below Y=0 level again
Small Dripleaf is properly generated in Lush Caves

World Generation

Added 9 changes to world generation. Details:
Old caves now reach the surface
Fixed a bug with floating water in caves
Meadow flowers do not replace building blocks in villages
Tuff is generated below Y=0 in Mineral Veins
Deepslate is not generated above Y=0 level
Amethyst Geode is properly generated on the world
Mountain tops are sharper
Improved transitions between new and old chunks
Mine tunnels do not replace Bedrock

Vanilla Parity

Introduced 7 fixes. Main:
Changed the frequency of ore generation
Changed the generation of old caves
Updated the placement of Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Mud and Gravel
If the player will go far away, the Raiders will disappear after the end of the Raid. Progress bar color changed to red
Raiders no longer participate in Raid Patrols
Servers will display the number of players lying on the bed

Fixed bugs

Fixed 23 bugs. Basic:
Fixed servers crashing due to different block IDs
Optimized the speed of the Vine installation
Nether Portal updates location when moving in one of the dimensions
Fixed the appearance of ghost fire after destroying a block under fire
When you enter, a recommendation to change the drawing range appears
Updated the drawing range settings
Fixed blocked visibility when riding a wagon in the old worlds
Updated drawing of objects
Enchanted items will not be invisible in the Nether World
Mobs will properly pass through trapdoors
Improved Axolotle animation
Sweet berry bushes now deal damage to monsters
Mobs will no longer try to pass through the Sweet Berry Bush and Bonfire
Fixed the Structure Block
When searching for non-existent items, the player will not get results
The Village Hero effect also works outside the village
The effect applies to all players who have fought with Bandits

Technical Changes
Added 7 technical changes for add-on development and testing in Minecraft.

Minecraft PE for Android

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