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Minecraft PE

We are glad to present to you a new test version for the Minecraft world namely Minecraft PE! A new update was released today by the developers of the Mojang studio. This is a new test update in which Mojang made a large number of changes to the Minecraft world, namely generation, and updated caves. Please note that the new update is already available to all users of the Android operating system. Let's take a closer look at all the features of the new test update for MCPE below.

What's new in the update Minecraft for Android?

The first thing worth paying your attention to, and perhaps the most significant for the players, is the generation of the world. Now, the world has expanded blocks, namely sixty-four blocks up and sixty-four blocks down, for a total height of three hundred eighty-four blocks. Also, the underground different structures are generated up to a height of minus sixty-four blocks. This is good news since such a change gives players more opportunities to develop and explore worlds.

The next aspect of the update is the Lush cave, already known to every player.

Lush cave

Please note that the biome of the lush caves has not yet been generated in the Minecraft world. The developers of the Mojang studio have just added blocks. You can see the list of new blocks below:

1. Spore Blossom;

Spore Blossom

2. Two types of moss blocks, such as usual moss and moss carpet:

- If the player uses bone meal to block moss, plants will grow on it;
- Moss Carpet block looks almost the same as wool carpets;
- Block Moss Carpet can be crafted by players;
- In order for the player to break the blocks from the moss, you must use the Hoe;

moss blocks

3. Azalea, maybe not blooming or blooming Azalea:

- Just a beautiful flower;
- Azalea block can be used in the block of the furnace it can be used as a fuel;


4. Cave vines;
5. Glowing berries;
6. Leaves of azalea;
7. Rooted dirt;
8. Hanging root;
9. Small and big dripleaf.

Below you can find out a little more about some of the blocks of the Lush Caves.

The first is vines and berries. Blocks such as Cave Vine and Glowing Berrie have been added to the Minecraft world. We will consider these blocks in more detail. Glow Berrie grows on Cave Vines.


Features of these blocks:

- Cave vine is growing from top to bottom;
- With the help of vines, you can grow Glowing berries;
- Players can get berries without breaking a block of vines;
- Also players can get berries using Bone Meal;
- Glowing Berries on the vines can now emit light;
- Players can climb the vines;
- To grow vines, the player needs to plant berries on the bottom edge of any solid block;
- Using berries, players can breed and lure foxes;
- And of course, players can eat berries.

The next block is the Dripleaf Plant.

Dripleaf Plant

Small Dripleaf and Big Dripleaf have been added to the Minecraft world. This is the most unusual and unique plant of its kind in the history of the existence of the Minecraft world:

- Players can stand on Big Dripleaf;
- This plant block keeps the player on itself for only 1.5 seconds (which is equal to 30 ticks);
- If a player uses bone meal on Small Dripleaf then Big Dripleaf will grow out of it;
- Every next use of bone meal will increase the size of Big Dripleaf.

blocks of the Lush Caves

Mojang developers also fixed about 50 different bugs, among which only 22 of them relate to changes with copper and lightning rod. Below we have selected the most significant and important fixes:

1. Fixed the texture of the block of copper ore;
2. Copper ingot can no longer be crafted using a waxed block of copper;
3. Waxed blocks of copper can now be cut in a block of stonecutter;
4. From one copper block, players can obtain two slabs at Stonecutter;
5. Copper wax can now be removed using a Furnace;
6. Now players can scrape off the patina from copper blocks using an ax;
7. If lightning strikes the lightning rod, the copper blocks that are located close to it will lose the oxidation effect;
8. Lightning rods can now be blocked with water;
9. The lightning rod now can emit the particles during a thunderstorm;
10. Fixed a bug due to which a player with a lightning rod in his hands could not break blocks;
11. Added particles for the copper block during:

- Waxing by the player;
- Waxing using the Dispenser block;
- Remove wax;
- Remove patina;
- Lightning strike!

Minecraft PE for Android

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