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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. The update made 5 improvements to the world generation, corrected 17 bugs and added 7 technical changes.

Experimental Features.
Added 5 changes. Read more:
Improved generation when updating caves below Y = 0 with the "Caves and Cliffs" slider included
Previously updated chunks will not change
Increased the height of old flat worlds
New flat worlds will be generated from level Y = -64
Fixed flying at maximum heights of worlds
Copper ore is generated to Y = 96, instead of Y = 64
Steve flies Elytras
Fixed bugs

Fixed 17 bugs. Important:
Fixed a bug with ghost plants and Snow
Fixed frequent Bee's Nest spawning
Mobs avoiding fire
Can now unlock Elytras when moving up
Reduced the chance of generating and destroying Fossil in structures
Fixed the disappearance of caves when the Caves and Cliffs slider is disabled
Iron golems only spawn on hard blocks
Fixed the display of weapons on Pillager and Vindicator
Fixed buttons when riding animals
Improved the Character Editor:
Character clothing will not cover left and right arrows
Fixed changing the color of clothing if the color had changed before
Improved navigation
In-game Marketplace skins will apply to your character while you play
Fixed bugs and errors.
Technical changes

Added 7 technical changes for addon development and testing in Minecraft. Main:
Temporarily removed the RenderDragon engine on Android (ARMv7)

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