How to Install Minecraft PE Addons?

How to Install Minecraft PE Addons? 

How to install add-on in Minecraft Pocket Edition? We'll describe this important theme in today's showcase. There are 2 different types of add-ons: .McAddon and .McPack. So the installation process for every type is a quite bit various, but it's not hard.


First thing that required is to download the mod file and then click on it.

The next step is in creating a new world, where foy have to set the behavior and resource pack active.

.McAddon/.McPack installation:

1. Get the file from the download link (it could be types – behavior or resource pack)
2. Tap on add-on file and you'll notice that Minecraft PE runs it by default
3. Click on Play button – tap on the button to create a new world
4. Search the button to turn on resource pack
5. Find the downloaded file there
6. Choose the add-on and click to plus icon for activation
7. Finally do the same with behavior pack
8. That's done!


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