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Dogs Plus Add-on 1.19

Dogs Plus Add-on

Dogs Plus mod is designed for dog lovers. You'll be able to get as many dogs as you want in Minecraft. And there will be more than 20 breeds to choose from, from which you will choose the one you like most. Of course, you will be able to tame the dogs, like wolves. And their behavior won't differ from them.

This add-on contains 23 dog breeds from giants to babies. Tame them with bone and treat them with meat. Mobs can be found in any herbal biome.

Large Dogs
They are harder to find and have a low bark

American Akita
Dogs Plus Add-on 1.19

Bernese Sennenhund




Golden Retriever

Siberian Husky


German Shepherd


Saint Bernard


Bull Terrier

Chow Chow






Small dogs
High and shrill barking



Fox terrier


Changes in the new version
Compatible with 1.19
Changed dog behavior
Added collar
Added textures for spawn eggs

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