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Frost Valley Biome Add-on 1.16+

Frost Valley Biome Add-on

Spring is already here, but are you one of those players who like snow and snowy surroundings the most? If yes, then the new Frost Valley Biome addon is what you need. The new addon adds a new snow biome to the Minecraft world, which, as you already understood, is called Frost Valley. The new biome is not empty, here you will find not just trees and structures, but also new mobs, resources, weapons, tools, items, armor, and much more!

Enjoy the game in a new biome with many different new features. Let's take a look at the features of the new biome below.

As mentioned earlier, players can now embark on a new adventure exploring the new Frost Valley biome with many new mobs. The area remained permanently covered with snow and ice after the Ice Age.

Below you can see what the new biome looks like:

Frost Valley Biome

This is a harsh new biome, but even here many hostile creatures have found a home. Let's take a look at what creatures inhabit the new biome.

The first mobs are frozen zombies. These creatures spawn in the valley and are the first inhabitants of the valley before it became frozen.

Mob screenshot:

Frozen Zombie

The second mobs are Arctic foxlins. These are quite strong and dangerous mobs that wander through the valley in search of prey.

Mob screenshot:

Artic Foxlin

Frost Valley is also home to the second type of Arctic foxlin, the brutal foxlin. These are the best fighters to defend the Arctic foxlin.

Mob screenshot:

Artic Foxlin Brute

In addition to the hostile creatures, neutral creatures such as the arctic fox, bison, and even the arctic sheep were also added to the game. These creatures spawn in different places in the valley and can be a source of useful resources for the player.

Screenshot of mobs:

Snow Fox


Snow Sheep

Particular attention should be paid to such monsters as the Yeti and Wendigo. These are the most dangerous creatures that live in this valley, a meeting with them can be fatal.

The Wendigo is a tall creature who enjoys eating raw flesh. This creature is always hungry! After killing such a creature, players can get a drop that can also be used to craft new types of weapons. After death, the monster drops bones.

Monster screenshot:


The second creature is the Yeti. This is the same big and strong monster, which is better to avoid if you are not prepared enough.

Mob screenshot:


The next thing we should consider is the new types of items and tools that players can craft in the game. All items have a common name Frezynite which means that this weapon has a connection with Frost Valley.

Let's take a look below all the types of Frezynite weapons that will be added to your Minecraft world:

1. Sword, crafting recipe:


2. Pickaxe, crafting recipe:


3. Shovel, crafting recipe:


4. Sythe, crafting recipe:


5. Hoe, crafting recipe:


6. Saber, crafting recipe:


7. A unique blade called Starvation! Crafting recipe:


8. Bident, crafting recipe:


9. Dagger, crafting recipe:


In addition to weapons, players will also have the opportunity to use the new Frezynite and Arctic Fox armor.

Frezynite armor

Frezynite armor and crafting recipes:

Frezynite armor (1)

Frezynite armor (2)

Frezynite armor (3)

Frezynite armor (4)

Frezynite armor (5)

Below you can see what the arctic fox armor looks like and the crafting recipes:

Artic Fox Armor (1)

Artic Fox Armor (2)

Artic Fox Armor (3)

Artic Fox Armor (4)

Artic Fox Armor (5)

And other items that will also be useful for you during survival, as well as for crafting:

1. Frezynite crystal;
2. Frezynite ore;
3. Bones of Wendigo;
4. Arctic fox skin!

Frezynite ore and more
new ore

Note: Don't forget to activate the experimental game mode! Activate all packs of behavior and resources. If the biome for some reason did not appear in your world, re-create the world or look for it nearby.

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