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Dogs+ Add-on 1.20+

Dogs+ Add-on

With the Dogs+ Add-on mod, you can bring into Minecraft the joy of having a puppy, a pleasure not everyone can have in real life. This mod adds many different dog breeds to roam the world.

Taming is similar to how you tame Wolves, and you can change the color of their collars.
Dogs+ Add-on 1.20+

The mob will guard the player.

Remember, even in the blocky world, you need to clean up after your pets, and doing so is rewarded.

To replenish health, you can use treats.

Special types of treats enhance your pet:
- Red Treat: regeneration
- Purple Treat: strength
- Orange Treat: resistance
- Green Treat: slow falling
- Blue Treat: resistance and immunity to fall damage

You can also play with the dog, gaining experience in the process.

Dog Breeds

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