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Wendigo Shaders

Wendigo Shaders

These shaders, perhaps is the most brightness in MCPE world. We recommend not to use this mod if you have weak eyes, it means if they are able to get tired quickly of strong brightness, of bright screen, or playing MCPE during the daylight, when the sun is shining at full power, it will harm your eyes. Also, we recommend you to use this shader and play a game at nighttime, the glowing of objects will be more pleasant. Note, that this glow is not the same, as at vanilla version of game and has no cubic appearance.

What was added?

  • From now Moon/Sun, shining brighter than before
  • Improved sky
  • Modified menu
  • Mobs are glow: spiders, endermans, blazes and drowned mobs
  • Transparent armor
  • The sources of light is brighter
  • Color correction was changed
  • Improved shadows.

Wendigo Shaders

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Wendigo Shaders

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