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TT Resource Pack

TT Resource Pack
TT Resource Pack is an interesting texture pack that changes many graphical elements in Minecraft Pocket Edition game world. It’s a perfect way of improving the environment’s look into new design. You will see that the textures have changed in many blocks and elements in the game universe. Structures and objects will look absolutely new!

New textures for blocks:

  • Big Block of Grass
  • Big Podzol Block
  • Big Block of Grass Path
  • Big Block of Snow Grass
  • Big Block of Mycelium
  • Sleek Bricks of End Stone
  • Logs with all sizes
  • Sleek Stones
  • Sleek Craft Table
  • Sleek Planks
  • Glass without borders
  • Low Fire
  • Rose blue

New textures in resource pack:

  • Sleek Bricks of EndBig Mycelium Block
  • Advanced Lilypad Textures
  • Advanced Quartz Ore Textures


TT Resource Pack

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