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Optifine RK Texture Pack

Optifine RK Textures

You have to change things in life all the time. Sometimes you have to do it, and sometimes your heart demands a change. If you look at the screenshots of Optifine RK textures, the heart will definitely ask to update the appearance of Minecraft. The addition not only changes a lot of elements, but also optimizes the design. A lot of unnecessary features will either disappear completely or be updated. At the same time, the game will become as better as possible.

Added F1 button
Added fast crafting button
Added chat buttons
Improved settings
Added glass in doors

Removed particles
Deleted textures
Removed animations
Reduced drawing distance
Changed water colors
added gradients for water
More fog
Optimized creatures


Changes in the new version
Renewed all elements
Revamped all menus
New items added
Lots of minor changes

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