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PatarHD 100k PvP Texture Pack

PatarHD 100k PvP Texture Pack

We present you with a new pack of textures that will help you become the best in battles. This texture pack significantly improves the textures of a large number of different items, blocks, and materials. This pack of textures allows you to use this pack during PvP battles in survival mode, and there is even a special mod for Ultra Hardcore.

Below you can see on the screenshots all the improvements and how they will look in the game:

1. Improved HOME menu screen:

Clean Home Screen

2. Pause User Interface screen:

Java UI Pause Screen

3. Bottom chat:

Java Chat (Bottom Chat)

4. Improved and unique sword designs:

Creative Sword Design

5. Improved armor textures:

Clean Armor Design

6. Empty Hotbar:

Clean Hotbar

7. A huge number of items:

Just Enough Items Mod Built In

Just Enough Items Mod Built In (1)

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