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Better Hotbar Texture Pack

Better Hotbar Texture Pack

Do you like your hotbar? Would you like to change it to something new and more interesting? If yes, then the new texture pack is what you need. This texture pack changes a part of the game interface called a hotbar, where the player has various skills, spells, and items that he most often uses during the game, as well as indicators of hunger, health, and so on. The improved hotbar panel will please every user with its unique design. We also draw your attention to the fact that you can use the new hotbar textures in any available Minecraft mode, be it PvP or survival.

The process of changing the textures of the hotbar in the game has been simplified, now players who have just started playing Minecraft can simply click on the health bar and change it (for the PC version of the game).

Below you can see how all the indicators look now on the hotbar:


1. In creative mode:


2. Normal play:


3. How the armor is displayed:


4. Withering Effect:


5. The Poison Effect:

The Poison Effect

6. What golden hearts look like:

Gold hearts

7. The effect of hunger:

The effect of hunger

8. Indicators underwater:

Indicators underwater

9. All new indicator textures:

All Icons

Bonus textures:

1. Pizza (when bit off)

2. New textures of hearts

3. New experience indicator

New Colors

New XP Bar

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