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MagicPVP 1.0 Texture Pack

MagicPVP 1.0 Texture Pack

Have you ever played mini-games such as bed wars? If yes, then the new textures are what you need for a better experience and performance of your device, since it was created specifically for bed wars mini-games. Also, players can use this texture pack for other purposes and other types of mini-games.

One of the features of this texture pack is the low heating of lava and fire:

MagicPVP 1.0 (7)

Also, improved performance with 1x1 textures:

MagicPVP 1.0 (1)

Farms with dimensions 32x32:

MagicPVP 1.0 (2)

Armor on armor stands:

MagicPVP 1.0 (3)

It is also worth noting that some items will have a resolution of 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64:

MagicPVP 1.0 (4)

Some screenshots of the environment:

MagicPVP 1.0 (5)

Also, players can easily find and see prayers:

MagicPVP 1.0 (6)

New beautiful sky (we recommend turning off the generation of clouds so that the textures work correctly, and also do not affect your performance):

MagicPVP 1.0 (7)

Tree textures:

MagicPVP 1.0 (8)

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