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Flucky Texture Pack

Flucky Texture Pack

Didn't you think earlier that many textures in the Minecraft world are repeated? If so, then the new texture pack will change that. A new pack of textures allows players to diversify some of the same textures and add a little bit of randomness to your Minecraft world. Isotropic properties (the same physical properties in all directions, invariance, symmetry with respect to the choice of direction) of the new texture pack will allow players something new to the blocks of the Minecraft world.

This texture pack can interact with other textures. In some cases, just change its position by placing it higher.

Below you can see screenshots of how it will look in the Minecraft world:

Flucky (1)

Flucky (2)

Flucky (3)

Flucky (4)

Flucky (5)

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