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Ruins On Land At Spawn: 727347460

Руины на земле у порога: 727347460


Start your new adventure in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition with this seed! Here your character will appear near the coast near the oak forest. Near this location you can find water ruins, which by default appear only in the ocean.


Surprisingly, in our case everything turned out quite strange, oceanic ruins appeared directly on land!

Visit this place will be very interesting and useful, because in the water ruins you can always find a chest in which the treasure map is hidden.
In close proximity you can also explore other biomes, nearby the Tat is a diverse area, and it will be a good experience to start your journey in such an unusual place.

All that you find here will contribute to the fascinating gameplay in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You will have an unforgettable survival in the cubical universe!

Take a look at the screenshot. As you can see, the structure of oceanic ruins was generated right next to the spawn point and looks pretty simple. Long search is not necessary.

Pay attention to the area, which is located directly opposite the stone structure. In this lake you will find coral reefs, these are the new multi-colored blocks that appeared in the Aquatic Update.


Look at this image below. We marked in red the place where your character will appear when you enter this seed. When you visit the ruins, you can choose any other biome to continue survival there.

You will have a journey in the jungle, a walk in the high mountains and oak forest. We recommend you to try!


Seed ID


Ruins On Land At Spawn: 727347460

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