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Ritual Magic Add-on 1.14+

Ritual Magic Add-on 1.14+

A new add-on that will add to the world of Minecraft new entities and new rituals. Players must do rituals in order to create new creatures, and thanks to this add-on there will be about 11. We also draw your attention to the fact that players can perform about 12 rituals.

All ritual entities will spawn in the Minecraft world randomly. All new entities are called Rituals. Drop items from these entities can be objects, effects, or other things.

Below is the image, you can see all the available items that can drop from rituals. Please note that each item can spawn a mob. Each of the items can also create a structure.

Ritual Magic Add-on 1.14+

Please note that the mobs that will spawn will be very difficult to kill. Use all your skills and strength.

Attention: Do not forget to activate the Experimental game mode, because, without this, the Rituals will not work. This does not apply to mobs.

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