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Sans Addon 1.14+

Sans Addon 1.14+

Have you ever played the game Undertale? For those who do not know this is a role-playing video game. Very famous and has good reviews. Using the new add-on, one of the characters of this game will be added to the Minecraft world. We are talking about Sans is a very powerful boss who came to the world of Minecraft using a special portal. The new add-on guarantees you a serious battle between you and this Boss since the fate of the Minecraft world now depends on you. Sans's goal is the complete destruction of your world.

Save the world of Minecraft and defeat the evil Sans boss!

Let's look at a detailed description of Sans:

1. The New Boss has 300 Health;
2. Uses the ability to teleport;
3. He uses fireballs to attack his targets. Please note that shoots a large number of fireballs.

The New Boss kills all living creatures in its path.

Sans Addon 1.14+

How to defeat Sans?

You should prepare well for the meeting with Sans, for this, you need to take a large amount of food with you, namely, enchanted apples and cooked food, and have an enchanted armor with a diamond sword.

Sans Addon 1.14+

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