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More Summonables Function Pack

Have you ever thought that not all things can be summoned with the help of command blocks? If you are one of those who often use command blocks, then you probably also noticed that you cannot summon some entities, such as wither skull, fireball and others. This package gives you the opportunity to change everything. From now on, a player can summon many more entities than it was before.

For those who have not used this command before, the command is to summon entity /summon. All you have to do is just enter the previously mentioned command and minecraft:, it will look like /summon minecraft: wither_skull, after which you will see over your head what you tried to summon. This is done so that you can direct and hit this entity in any of the given directions.

More Summonables Function Pack

Below we will consider with you all the available commands so that you can summon entities:

: tripod_camera;
: wither_skull;
: wither_skull_dangerous;
: area_effect_cloud;
: eye_of_ender_signal;
: shulker_bullet;
: fireball;
: small_fireball;
: dragon_fireball.

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