WoodenFurniture Add-on

WoodenFurniture Add-on
WoodenFurniture Add-on is a very useful addition, as it creates new items to improve the interior in your gaming dwelling! Decoration of interiors in Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the most important aspects of the game. Who does not want his house to look beautiful? So the developers think the same, so they decided to share a new fashion - WoodenFurniture.

Mod will complement the game with objects to improve your rooms. Fashion includes items such as candles, bottles, armchairs and much more, which will certainly affect the design of all Minecraft PE


If you have already switched to the new Aquatic Update, then some of the blocks can be unstable:/ give @s sandstone 1 [3 ~ 14]
/ give @s planks 1 [7 ~ 8]
/ give @s stone 1 [7]
/ give @s red_flower 1 [9 ~ 14]


  • Chairs replace criminals
  • Benches will replace zombies
  • Tables will replace the iron golem

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ОС: Android
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