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Monster House Add-on 1.20+

Monster House Add-on

This Halloween, you're set to face off against the Monster House, brought to life in Minecraft with the Monster House mod. Naturally, such a formidable foe won't battle alone and will continually summon minions to tackle all opponents.

Used to spawn the Monster House.
Light the chimney to summon the boss.
The Monster House will appear in 10 seconds.
Monster House Add-on 1.20+

Boss Battle
Stage 1:
Health: 2500
Attacks with its tongue, dealing 12 damage.
Spawns minions every 32.5 seconds.

Stage 2:
Health: 1250
Begins to move.
Attacks with parts of its structure, dealing 18 damage.
Fires fireballs every 12 seconds.

Stage 3:
The boss gains immortality: every time it's defeated, it will rise again.
To finally conquer it, an Explosive Bomb is needed.
Upon victory, you'll obtain candies, water guns, minerals, and building blocks.

Monster House Minions

Living Armor Stand:
Health: 80
Damage: 8
Drop: Monster Pumpkin, gold ingots, and a sword.

Living Chest:
Health: 12
Damage: 4
Drop: Deadwood Planks

Monster Furnace:
Health: 35
Shoots fireballs.
Drop: Fireball

Living Bookshelf:
Health: 100
Spawns Monster Books
Drop: Books

Monster Book:
Health: 8
Damage: 7
Drop: Fireball



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