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Turtle Plus Add-on

Turtle Plus Add-on

New aquatic update for MCPE, it is related to Turtle mobs, called as Turtle plus ! From now, player able to tame and get his personal creature. Enjoy all the adventures together with this creature. Turtle will follow everywhere for you.

Description of gaming process:

In order to tame turtle, feed it with kelp. Do not worry if it will be unsuccessful from first attempt, just try one more time, it can take some tries. When it will be tamed, you will see some hearts above this creature.

For devices:
  • Windows 10: Player should right click on animal, use some kelp.
  • IOS / android: Pressing long on animal, use some kelp, click on Tame.

Here is some pluses of tamed creatures: first, they will follow you everywhere, second, you can ride them in the water and on the land.

For devices:
  • Windows 10: Right click on creature in order to ride.
  • IOS / android: Pressing long on animal and click on Ride.

There is only one minus in use of this creature, is that while you ride it in water, it will be difficult to up or down.

Detailed information about animal:


— tamed has fifty HP;
— wild has thirty HP.

Speed of movement:

— tamed has 0.2;
— wild has 0.1.

Turtle Plus Add-on

Turtle Plus Add-on

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