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Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Map for those who likes games in survival type, especially for those who likes to fight with zombie. Zombie Apocalypse mod changing power of zombie and make it stronger and the most dangerous enemy. Developer also do not forgot about player, here, you can get a new type of weapon and some special explosive things. You can play here with your friends, exploring this new world and fighting with new most dangerous mobs. All these can give you great experience for fighting with zombie in the future.

New facilities:

  • Infected zombie — can moving fast, resistant to day light
  • Survivor — if they were bitten, they will turn in zombie
  • Bandit — has rifle and weapon as sword, hostile, will attack you in order to kill or robbing
  • Throwing of knifes — can knock back you and hit a small damage
  • Grenades — can explode, throwable
  • Pistol of Makarov — has some small delay in shots and hit a pretty big damage
  • AK 47 — automated gun with big damage
  • M4 A1 — in order to shoot with this weapon you should have arrows, single shots and precise
  • Types of armors: camouflage (color: green), of leather, of plastic
  • In order to tame dog use dog food
  • For surviving recommended eating some canned
  • Survivor — villager

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Zombie Apocalypse Addon

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