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Items From Mods Add-on

Items From Mods Add-on

This addon adds some new elements into your game. Mods that was not available for windows 10 edition (!!) of java edition, from now is available.

What to do?

This is pretty simple process. Using usual resources, you can create all of listed items. Find the village and use some workbench, for creation of weapon.

Items From Mods Add-on

Here is a list of new things which that was added to this mod:


  • force-mitt (!) — gives you opportunity to dig blocks faster.

New types of mobs:

  • skeleton-baby wither– drop rate increased to thirty percents
  • skeleton-baby — has a sword and pretty fast
  • huge husk — damage increased in two times
  • huge zombie — damage increased in two times
  • enderman baby — the same as usual enderman, but faster and has little size.
  • archer — mob exist in as skeleton, zombie pigman and usual zombie
  • stray baby — can attack with random weapon and inflict slow effect

New available items (essences):

  • water — player are able to buy in farmer of dirt (using speed — 1.2)
  • earth — can increase your health on two hearts (it is four hp)
  • fire — increases your damage of hand on 4.

Quantum equipment (armor)(industrialcraft 2):
  • boots — speed — 2.3
  • body armor — health — 60
  • leggings — speed — 1.8
  • helmet — health — fifty


Find weapons of Smith and click on trade in order to have swords below:
  • steel leaf — speed — 1.4, damage — 8
  • iron wood — speed — 1.2, damage — 7
  • nano-saber — damage — 21
  • wyvern — health — 30, damage — 35
  • draconic — health — 40, damage — 50, speed — 2

Please pay attention:

(!) — all effects of items are available only on one hundred and twenty seconds. Remove and take once again object which you already used in order to resume it effects.

(!!) — use versions of game since 1. 5. 2, of windows edition.

Items From Mods Add-on

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