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Mini Hakkero Add-on 1.20+

Mini Hakkero Add-on

You don't necessarily need to know what Touhou or even Mini-Hakkero are, but when you learn what this device can do, you will definitely want to own this treasure in Minecraft. Mod Mini Hakkero introduces this magical mechanism capable of incinerating mountains and creating wind. In the game, the item becomes a mobile furnace or defensive weapon in the hands of an experienced user.

First, we craft the item.
Mini Hakkero Add-on 1.20+

The first function is an endless Lighter.

By crouching, you can set up mini Hakkero blocks.

These mini-blocks allow you to smelt items.

Also while crouching, you can charge the item like a Bow. Then the weapon will start shooting. During the shooting, you do not have to crouch.

The projectiles fly 50 blocks and deal 4 damage.

If you charge the item without crouching, you can create a powerful attack.

The projectile works for 6 seconds, during which you can't move.

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