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Smartphone Addon Add-on 1.20+

Smartphone Addon

The Smartphone Addon mod introduces the concept of a smartphone within Minecraft Bedrock, offering players unprecedented possibilities. This concept, unheard of even in the show "Pimp My Ride" where monitors were installed within monitors inside cars, allows players to use a smartphone equipped with numerous applications directly within the game.

The smartphone will feature a total of 12 applications plus 1 application for data management.


CraftFy: Allows listening to music.
Camera: A camera app.
Saborreia: Enables selling and buying items between players.
CraftCord: Can send private messages.
CraftX: Enables posting news.
Minecraft: A game within the game.
Bloco de notas (Noteblock): Allows saving information.
Transferidor (Transfer): Enables item transfers over distances.
Tp Requester: Allows teleporting players.
Waypoint: Enables teleportation to set points.
Smartphone Addon Add-on 1.20+

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