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Rex Rpg quest Add-on 1.20+

Rex Rpg quest Add-on

The Rex Rpg quest mod is one of the most detailed quest mods for Minecraft, turning the blocky universe into almost a different game with realistic Villagers, 4 new Bosses, over 100 new items, numerous structures, and engaging tasks.
Rex Rpg quest Add-on 1.20+

- Appear in Villages
- Almost all have professions

Street Vendor
- Temporarily appears in the village and sells valuable items

Village Defender
- Attacks any monsters in the village area

- Heal other residents
- Wizards summon golems

Quest System
- You can complete NPC tasks to receive rewards

Upon reaching 100 reputation levels, you can choose classes. But first, you need to undergo training.

Priest Class
- You'll need to speak with the sage Silas: he lives above the church in Grim Valley
- Class training consists of a series of quests
- Training grants weapons
- After training, you can heal others, use potions, and even explode enemies

Wizard Class
- You'll need to complete two quests from the wizard Magnus: appears in villages
- Afterwards, he sends an invitation to train at the legendary magic school Dreamland
- Abilities grant immunity to fire, endless teleportation, and many new types of weapons

- Spawn on plains and forests

- Bandit leader and boss

- Appear on snowy plains

Ogre King
- Spawns in Ogre Village
- Boss

- Appear in dungeons and swamps
- The only sword that damages them is the Ghost Sword

Nightmare King
- Boss in the Ancestor's Temple

Dark Wizard
- Evil NPC

Grim Valley
- Thriving village on the plains

- Legendary wizard village

Zilma's Outpost
- Appears on the plains

New Hope
- Isolated village at the world's edge (generated in a snowy biome)

NPC Houses


- Grant access to advanced dungeons

Swords and Tools

NPC Protection System
- If you hit an NPC several times, you'll have to pay a fine to the village mayor

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