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Loot Bag+ 3 Add-on 1.20+

Loot Bag+ 3 Add-on

Imagine that upon defeating a mob, you receive not only the dropped loot but something extra. It sounds enticing because every new drop will be a surprise for you, and who doesn't love surprises? This is precisely the function added by the Loot Bag+ 3 mod, expanding the gameplay of Minecraft. Upon killing any creature, a Loot Bag will drop. The stronger the monster, the more valuable the reward will be.

The Loot Bags themselves can also be obtained in creative mode. Each Loot Bag drops 10 items.
Loot Bag+ 3 Add-on 1.20+

There are a total of 6 types of Bags available, depending on the value of the loot. To get information about the types of loot, you can use the Guide, but it will all be in English.

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