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Entity Taiga Update Add-on 1.20+

Entity Taiga Update Add-on

The Entity Taiga Update mod aims to make the Minecraft Taiga biome as lively as its real-world counterpart, introducing 7 new animals to populate the taiga forests.

- Villagers can be mounted on it with a Saddle.
- Tall mob, so enemies cannot reach riders.
Entity Taiga Update Add-on 1.20+

- Appears at night and hunts rabbits.

- Giving it Wood can yield Planks, Sticks, Leaves, and Apples.

- Steals items that fall to the ground.


- A rideable animal.

Brown Bear
- Attacks mobs and players.
- Cubs can be tamed with Salmon or Honeycombs.
- Rideable and can even carry Foxes or Wolves.
- Heals with Salmon, Cod, or Rabbit meat.

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