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Elmo's Add-on 1.20+

Elmo's add-on

The famous red and fluffy Muppet, Elmo, makes an unexpected appearance in Minecraft with the Elmo's mod. However, in the blocky universe of Minecraft, this seemingly cute creature is not as kind and friendly. Elmo is a mob ready to attack players on sight.

Boss Stages:
- Elmo has 3 stages, becoming stronger after each one.
Elmo's Add-on 1.20+

- In the third stage, Elmo becomes immortal, but there is a way to defeat him.

Cookie Monster:
- This creature can kill Elmo with a single blow, but first, it must be tamed using Cookies.

- To spawn the Cookie Monster, you need to craft it.

Defeating Elmo yields special items, which can be used to craft various elements.

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