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Dungeon Tower Add-on 1.20+

Dungeon Tower Add-on

In Minecraft, dealing with a Monster Spawner is far from the most challenging task. Players have long mastered the art of swiftly dispatching enemies, breaking Spawners, and seizing loot. But what if the Spawner room was much larger, say, the size of a tower? Surviving this battle would be a significant challenge, and you can test your skills with the Dungeon Tower mod.

This mod allows you to explore massive Towers with multiple floors filled with spawners, and the loot inside is accordingly substantial.
Dungeon Tower Add-on 1.20+

- Tower Golem
- Health: 200
- Slow movement
- Resistant to knockback
- Immune to fall, explosion, and burning damage
- Shoots fireballs
- Drop: 3-6 Diamonds and 3-6 Stone Bricks

Discover different types of towers:

- Simple Tower

- Desert Tower

- Ice Tower

- Nether Tower

- End Tower

Prepare for a challenging battle in these towering structures!

Changes in the new version
Added a file to change the spun-up of mobs
Added new mobs
Added Chests and Keys
Added Golem spouter

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