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The Boys Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

The Boys Add-on

"The Boys" is an incredibly popular superhero TV series where, as always, powerful characters battle one another. What sets it apart is the creator's attempt to portray what superheroes would look like in real life, not just on comic book pages. With the The Boys mod in Minecraft, characters from this TV series, as well as their items, will appear which you can use in combat.

The Boys Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

Black Noir




Queen Maeve


Billy Butcher

Mother's Milk




Soldier Boy

Crimson Countess

Homelander Armor

Bloody Homelander Armor

Black Noir Armor

Stormfront Armor

Starlight Armor

Queen Maeve Armor

A-Train Armor

Deep's Costume

Billy Butcher's Costume

Mother's Milk Costume

Kimiko's Costume

Hughie's Costume

Soldier Boy's Costume

Thermal Vision

Golden Thermal Vision

Stormfront's Plasma Charge

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