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Raiyons Java Combat Add-on 1.16+

Raiyons Java Combat Add-on

Would you like to add certain combat features from the Java version of the Minecraft game to the Mobile version of the game? If yes, then the new add-on is what you need. The new add-on allows players to add comfortable and favorite combat mechanics to their Minecraft world, which you could previously see in the Java version of the Minecraft game. Get a new but at the same time already familiar experience in Minecraft PE. Let's take a look at the features of the new add-on below.

Features of the add-on

As mentioned earlier, the main feature of the new add-on is that it adds combat mechanics from the Java version of the Minecraft game to your world.

For those who started playing Minecraft only on mobile devices and do not know what is the difference between the combat mechanics of the Pocket version and the Java version, it is that battles in the Java version of the game are based on a sequential recharge that is displayed to players as a certain period of time with which item is used for a battle during which players can deal maximum damage to their opponent or enemy.

This is easy since the players have a special indicator under the cursor that is displayed as a loading bar on the screen. Players can use this mechanic in their battles to make them more exciting and interesting.

Below you can see examples of how this works in Minecraft PE:

Raiyons Java Combat (1)

Let's now take a look at one of the main aspects of this mechanic — the cooldown. Please note that each type of weapon or tool has a certain time cooldown. When attacking or when changing an item, you can see the cooldown time.

Cooldown (seconds):

1. Sword: 0.60;
2. Pickaxe: 0.85;
3. Shovel: 1.0;
4. Trident: 0.90;
5. Other items (not weapons or tools): 0.25.

Let's take a look at each item with cooldown tables separately.

The first weapon that we will consider is Axes. Please note that the better the quality of the weapon, the lower the cooldown. Also, axes will deal the same damage as in the Java version of the Minecraft game. Ax table:

The same features apply to Hoe. Table with hoes:

Raiyons Java Combat (2)
Raiyons Java Combat (3)

As for Shields, shields have an active blocking that will help the player when attacking. Also, when a player attacks another player, the first player will not receive a knockback.

Also in this add-on, such a mechanic as blocking with a shield with a charged ax is presented, which lasts for five seconds.

The next feature of this add-on is Sweeping Attacks! This attack will be available to players with a fully charged sword. In order for the player to carry out a sweeping attack, it is necessary to hit with a charged sword at his target.

Please note that only in case of a critical hit, the attack cannot be sweeping! Such an attack will deal damage to all creatures standing in a group or those attacking you. For those who have already used this add-on before, we draw your attention to the fact that a bug with a drop and experience with this attack has been fixed.

Attention: Below you will see several versions of the add-on, the fact is that these are two versions for those who, for some unknown reason, may have a cooldown bar lower or higher than the cursor.

Raiyons Java Combat (4)
Raiyons Java Combat (5)

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