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Manhunt Bedrock Add-on 1.19+

Manhunt Bedrock Add-on

Player hunting player - this is the mini-game that has gained great popularity among Minecraft users. With the Manhunt Bedrock mod, you can easily incorporate this mode into your worlds. All players will be divided into two teams: survivors and hunters. Accordingly, hunters will try to catch survivors, while the latter will do their best to escape.

/function setup: the first thing to enter after entering the world
/function rolesrandom: a random role for everyone
/function forcehunter: appointing a hunter
/function forcespeedrunner: appointing survivors
/function removeallroles: removing all roles
/function removerole: removing a role
/function start: starting the round
/function help: help
The spectator tag allows you to assign an observer.
The hunter's compass allows you to see the location of the survivors.

Manhunt Bedrock Add-on 1.19+

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